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‘For moms, sitting is the new smoking’: fitness expert Bhavna Harchandrai

Being a good role model for your kids is very important

Bhavna Harchandrai is one of the most celebrated fitness trainers in the country. A certified ACE-Personal Trainer and NIKE-Group Ex, her Instagram handle describes her as “a fitness instructor, fitness writer, fitness enthusiast”. Bhavna resides in Mumbai and is busy bringing up her 10-year-old son, Rohaan with her better half.

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Excerpts from a conversation with Express Parenting:

What is your biggest observation?

Everyone who comes to the gymnasium wants to lose weight. No one talks about muscle strengthening, bettering stamina and improving upon energy levels. I believe people must exercise to stay well, be healthy.

Mothers often say they have no time to exercise… What are the few exercises that you recommend that all women do?

Nothing crazy to damage the knees, but safe, effective cross-training and aspects to challenge your own body. After 25 years of age, each one of us loses 0.5 pound of muscle per year and gains 0.5 pound of fat per year. When people turn 30 they realise they are turning flabby and losing out on energy and stamina. Together with slower metabolism, the kilos pile up slowly. Women must do planks, ab crunches, engaging obliques, leg raises, sit-ups for core strength and muscle tightening.

Some mothers like to do Zumba.

I am a certified instructor. Everything has its own benefits. Zumba is hardcore cardio. You are twisting and dancing, yet the calorific burn is not as high as in strength training that tightens and tones muscles. Diet plus activity plus focussed exercise for 45 mins to an hour brings in fabulous results. Add more load, change exercise routines to constantly stimulate your body. It is not possible even for Aishwarya Rai to stay svelte without any effort!

Shilpi Madan for Indian Express

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