Fitness Mantras for Working Women

She comes as a svelte godsend for health-conscious working women perennially experiencing a time crunch. A leading fitness expert in everything from Pilates to Tae bo, Shabana Sabherwal says there are no shortcuts to good health and that you are what you eat.

“Our evolution as women is unique to us and only a woman can understand that best,” emphasizes Shabana Sabherwal. “I believe it is important to feel good, to look and stay fit. Your appearance boosts your own confidence level immeasurably.” Shabana brings 15 years of expertise in the field of fitness as certified practitioner of the Super Slow Technique (Serious Strength Studio, New York) and Pilates (Stott Pilates, Singapore); and as an expert in Tae-bo, kickboxing, body toning, weight training, resistance training, yoga and Step Reebok by Frederick Hoffman.

Shabana started out 16 years ago when the concept of working out was relatively unpopular, with fad diets and fuller figures favored by women. “At that time, exercise was known to people, but in a very basic way. As the years have rolled on, the trend has caught up and people are now making a conscious effort to keep fit and stay healthy,” she says. With globetrotting, health awareness and social pressure forming a three-pronged lever, both home makers and working women these days are making a conscious effort to take out time from their daily routine to exercise and be in form. Being a woman fitness expert puts her at an advantage she says. “I have evolved and achieved milestones over a period of time. It is certainly easier for me to identify with women and understand their needs as opposed to male trainers who can only intellectualize what being a woman is all about!”

Shilpi Madan for Vaahini, Accenture
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