A Fragrant Legacy

Aroma enthusiasts have a plethora of endearing, exotic
and exceptional notes to choose from, in our traditional
fragrances, for building upon their aura

An arresting perfume is like a good background score – it stays on you, with you, throughout the day. When you wear
the notes, your pores sing in sync with your personality, becoming a part of your unbeatable aura. Admit it, spritzing on a favourite scent before sashaying out is the final fragrant touch you like to put to your appearance. But are you feeling foxed over the flurry of inclusions in organic fragrances, and natural attars available? Cue into the note
decoder and choose the natural over the synthetic.

India is the treasured crucible of fragrances, with alluring scents rooted in our rich repository, forover 60,000 years. The delicious wafts find abundant mention in the discoveries of the distillation stills found in the remains of the Indus
Valley Civilisation, in 3000 BC, when women brought in fragrances in their daily beauty rituals. Then there are mentions of the lilting perfumes wafting through the palaces of yore, floral essences forming an intrinsic part of the lives
during the Mughal era, princesses bathing in rose petal-tinged warm water. There are accents of fragrances from jasmine to parijat, singing through our ancient epics.

The Agni Purana reveals the daily lives of the kings, beginning with a touch of fragrance, from a plethora of over 150 botanical infusions. The delicate hands of the gandharikas were proficient in the art of making fragrances from the exotic flowers, as chronicled by the philosopher Varahamihira, in 6th-century

Shilpi Madan for DLF.in

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