Gems bond

Whether you’re globe-trotting, or chilling on home turf, semi-precious stones let you flaunt the latest fashion trends in jewellery without a severe wallet attack. Dip into the cornucopia of gems creating ripples this festive season and stay abreast with the glam set.

Labradorite Lure
Believed to be the frozen fire of the Aurora Borealis, the labradorite radiates a bewitching iridescent light, infusing a sparkle in your persona when you wear it.

Especially in the evenings. “It carries a magical effect, especially when you choose to slip on a labradorite in its multi-coloured complexion of green, blue and purple,” says Myraa Raheja of Azotiique. “When light falls on the stone, it evolves in a cryptic tone, elevating from its base gray tone to an effusive mix of colours.” Best worn as boyfriend rings, and as asymmetic earrings that are so much in vogue, the labradorite is famous for enhancing your aura and energy matrix. No wonder then that the labradorite has been christened “temple of the stars”. Shine on.

Amethyst Allure
The purple hues of this gem range from alluring light tones to deeper, luxe aubergine. “It is the rich range of colour that the amethyst offers along with its affordability that makes it  a versatile gem for design,” says Dimple Nahar, owner and founder, 2Divine—The Lifestyle Temple. “An amethyst is a classic pick and brings in a touch of stylish elegance owing to its royal shade,” she says. Dubbed as the ‘all-healer,’ this is also a stone of spiritual awakening and growth . “It rolls in the energy of fire and passion with a decisive feminine touch,” says Raheja. “Your best pick would either be a glamorous cocktail ring, or oversized earrings, or even a delicate necklace to flaunt the stone.”

Shilpi Madan for New Indian Express

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