Greenery: 6 Ways to Bring the Pantone Colour of the Year Home

It’s official. Green, the Pantone Colour of the Year 2017 will weave its way into homes in spurts and spreads. You too can usher in the organic hue that spells sheer balance, harmony, beatific calm and prosperity. Our leading design experts give tips on how to rev up homes with the verdant shine through clever touches in nooks and bits.

1. Bring in moody infusions
Green is the colour of nature and earth, and can bring about a healing effect on your senses and into your home. In keeping with the vibe you wish your living room to exude, zero in on the right shade. “Try a muddy-olive for a warm lounge feel, minty tones for beach-deck look, turquoise or sea-foam shades in the washroom and fern or sage shades for a sense of liveliness in the bedrooms,” suggests interior designer Sonali Vartak.

2. Go green with a feature wall
Says Shabnam Gupta, principal designer of The Peacock Life, “Create an accent wall that stands out against the surrounding planes. Remember to stay with one strong detail to ensure there are not too many areas competing for attention at once.” This is also great opportunity to experiment with visual textures. “Experimenting with laminates and wallpaper lets you bring in the desired visual fervour,” adds Sonali.

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