Greens for cold months

Make way for fresh, seasonal greens as your winter munch

Everyone loves to cook hot dishes when the nip in the air arrives at this time. Make the best of the fresh, winter produce and add the goodness of natural nutrients to your diet. Bring in five super greens this season to your diet.


Popeye popularised the leaves, chomping them for his bunched-up biceps. This one breathes vigour into the red blood cells. Spinach brings in a plethora of vitamins, but more importantly packs in the right dose of magnesium (much-needed for women crossing their 40s) and zinc for detoxifying your body. Stroke into vegetable pulao, make theplas to replace rotis, and team up with aloo, and corn or make it couple with cheesy bakes.

Mustard leaves

Slightly pungent, these make up the yummy sarson ka saag that you can relish with makai ka parathas and sizzling white butter globules. Build upon your immunity with mustard greens. A must as the weather turns cold as they fortify your heart, eyes, and bring in a rich dose of that elusive vitamin K that your body needs.


These are versatile vitamin and iron warriors, and can marry any other vegetable with ease. Roll into rice for making the wintry special peas pulao, team up with seasonal red carrots, toss into snacky upma, poha, samosa fillings; have tikkis, prep up soups. Green peas are protein-rich, and betacarotene carriers and help in regularising sugar levels. Air fry and roll in chat masala for a super snack with tea.

Shilpi Madan for DH Wknd

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