Hybrid health

Slow, conscious living coupled with ingredient-driven self-care are forming our daily anthem for hybrid health
Pic by Chevanon Photography from Pexels

It’s back to the basics everywhere: from avant-garde menus celebrating the healing traditions of the Himalayas to indigenous curative techniques and herb-based formulations that are rapidly making way to our self-care caddy. Remote work and healthcare ensure our emotional, physical and mental well-being lies in the hands of apps and in a deeper, self-narrative that defines wellness for us. Call it hybrid well-being, or overall wellness. 

The organic mart has grown manifold, across the board from the demand for pure, local, seasonal, fresh produce to preservative-free beauty care products escalating by the day. We have risen the ranks readily, in search of that elusive healthful balance in life, post the pandemic puzzle. Rediscovering the goodness of the Vedas, celebrating nervine preparations with Indic ingredients including saffron and ashwagandha; burning herbs like jatamasi and guggool to purify the environment and even grabbing a self-narrative in skincare that is making use of rituals and ingredients like khumani oil, walnut oils, kumkumadi tailum, use of pre and post biotics to strengthen our skin, and cannabis oil to zap away ailments. Co-owner and CEO Shubhrata Anil of Trikuta, is fortifying her century-old business, started way back in 1932, passed down generations from her great grandfather.

Shilpi Madan for Sunday Standard

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