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Global luxe with a local twist

“My family has been the brand ambassador of India—taking our skills, treasured culture and heritage the world over,” says Angie Kripalani, the celebrated interiors specialist who has been working her magic in crafting cocoons with global luxe across the country and the world for over 20 years

A brilliant trajectory that knits in #VocalforLocal into its soul while curating versatile luxury spaces, she now strikes another first with the launch of a bridal registry programme on her refreshed website,

With over 1,000 carefully curated picks, pegged under Rs 50,000, and in keeping with the latest trends in decor, the portal looks a clear winner. “In keeping with our core niche of creating timeless interiors, we have come up with the bridal registry service—a logical and simplified way to put together the gifts of your choice. We bring in personalised shopping services for putting together wedding trousseaus, and make shopping fun for special occasions, including engagements, baby showers and births, through the multitude of choices available in bed linen, home furnishings and  accessories, spanning details like hard finishes and wallpapers designed by me,” shares Kripalani.

Global luxe: Renaisaance Homez’ founder Angie Kripalani launches a new wedding registry service with decor pieces curated and designed by her

Kripalani’s prowess finds vivid expression in her luxury life style brand, Renaisaance Homez, while she curates priceless pieces from brands, including Henredon, Baker, Maitland Smith, Lexington, Bernhardt and Armani, together with specially made accent pieces in furniture and accessories. An alumnus of the Fashion Institute of Technology, New York, where Kripalani majored in interior architecture, her keen eye for design was honed at a subsequent tutelage under the iconic Ralph Lauren.

Her deep grasp of the dynamics of Indian craftsmanship she soaked up while powering the family international export house, Ritika’s, with her mother, before finding her own luxury furniture groove in Renaisaance Homez. Kripalani’s contemporary approach stands rooted in tradition as she brings together craftsmen from the length and breadth of the country, crowning their work with a new age twist.

“It is a rich synergy between old India and the new India that promises to scale up our expertise globally by spotlighting the power of our artisans and craftsmen in the villages. We can be edgy chic while retaining motifs from our Sun Temple in Konark to national symbols of our flora and fauna in the striped tigers, wild elephants and flamboyant peacocks. Besides, the magic of our gold and silver leaf technique and our prowess in knitting the crafts to home furnishings is stunning in itself.”

The versatile fusion pieces appeal to all sensibilities with lavish chandeliers, pastoral tea sets, porcelain pots, swishy flutes and glossy throws shimmying with nature-inspired wallpapers and carved specials. There are concise space solutions with decor essentials included to meet different budgets. 

Shilpi Madan for Sunday Standard

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