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When you don’t have the choice of being in a state of niksen and need to be productive, it’s best to have your wits about you

Slipping into your jammies and hammering away on your laptop just doesn’t get most of us into the work-mode within the often-boisterous confines of our residence. Here are ways to create your own productive nook to make sure you continue to function in a safe, collaborative way from the cocooned safety of your home, especially in these testing times

When you don't have the choice of being in a state of niksen and need to be productive, it's best to have your wits about you. Create your own work space at home

Choose your spot 

Operating remotely allows you the bandwidth of picking the area in your house where you wish to work from. Prioritise comfort, says Pankaj Poddar, co-founder of Hipcouch, a Mumbai-based interior design company. “Make use of the spare room if you have one to function in, as it lends you privacy and a low disturbance zone to be able to make your official calls and transcribe interviews. If you prefer hammering away on your laptop at night when the family is asleep, then making use of the dining table is a good idea too,” he adds. It brings in adequate elbow room and run on area for working on multiple projects at the same time.  

Set the mood  Says Aradhana Dalmia, founder, The Artemist, an art consultancy firm in Kolkata, “You can bring in a few motivational quotes on the soft board at your study table to feed on. Quirky prints tacked on, or even a beautiful family photo collage to boost your energy levels through an infusion of colours work well in creating a happy, personal workspace. The idea is to create a single focus work zone, with pleasant, fringe accents.” Try and station yourself by a window to break the monotony

Shilpi Madan for Deccan Herald

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