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In a conversation with co founders Bryan Johns and Alec R. Call on bringing the signature iS Red Carpet facial to India

The unrivaled skincare giant from the US has arrived in India with a signature aplomb. Bereft of red carpet announcements, only its treasured caddy of luxury skincare products: pharmaceutical grade formulations that blend science with beauty to create fabulous skin in over 64 countries, and still counting. It is a virtual skincare cult that iS has created through its consistent anthem – “Your skin. Our science. Pure chemistry”

In a conversation with co founders Bryan Johns and Alec R. Call on bringing the signature iS Red Carpet facial to India

Innovative Skincare (iS) is already one of the leading skincare brands in Hong Kong and Malaysia. What took you this long to arrive in India?

India has always been a magical territory for us. We created our brand 19 years ago from scratch, with no venture
capital, no bank loans, it has been a challenging journey. Over the years, we have been approached by various distribution partners but we waited for the right connect. With Leader Medical Systems Pvt Ltd, there is a sharing of the
same philosophy and passion. This is vital for us.

What is your brand ethos?
We combine traditional botanical medicine with advanced scientific formulation expertise to give you healthier, hydrated skin, uniquely shielded with advanced DNA protection. Innovative Skincare is committed to creating highly effective, clinically validated skincare products for dramatic, visible improvement for all skin types, ages and genders.

In India’s tropical climate, pigmentation is a common skin concern. How do your products aim to address this?
The US is a melting pot of cultures, and brings in a multitude of skin types. Our superior-quality cleansers, treatments,
moisturizers, and sun protectants are powered by the most innovative ingredients and botanical infusions. Strong antioxidants mitigate skin damage, and anti-inflammatory powers of ingredients retard migration of melanin. It is a five pronged intensive approach: eradicate free radical damage, inhibit creation of melanin, prevent hyperpigmentation, retard progression of melanin and effect texture correction.

The luxe, powerful iS Fire & Ice facial is a Hollywood favourite, now available on Indian turf. Please talk about it.
Through qualified hands! We are training leading dermatologists and skin care experts in India to make this legendary
facial available to all. Popularly dubbed as the red carpet facial, it has patrons in A listers in Gwenyth Paltrow, Cameron
Diaz, Salma Hayek, Halle Berry and many more. This safe, resurfacing facial is a rejuvenating treatment with no down
time. It re surfaces your skin, reducing fine lines, boosting cellular renewal and gifting you an instant glow.

How do you keep a check on quality of products?
Our manufacturing unit is centralised in California for complete quality control under our proficient team of global
scientists. We have grown 250 per cent over the past five years. Our unbeatable results ensure we do not require any endorsements, brand ambassadors or promotions. Social media has played a vital tool in recommending us.

One product that works for all age groups and skin types.
Active Serum. It reduces pigmentation, addresses acne and works like a magic skin tonic.

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