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Dip into the kitty of kitchen ingredients to bring in natural shringar, the traditional Indian way.

Dip into the kitty of kitchen ingredients tobring in natural shringar, the traditional Indian way.

Shringar has always enjoyed a place of pride in India, since ancient times. Elaborate Indian beauty rituals have been born in our country and have been passed down the generations to gift us naturally glowing skin and hair. As we return to the goodness of nature during these challenging times, the simple ingredients from our kitchens and backyards make their way into our beauty routines to knit us to the traditions and self-care rituals that our grandmothers have shared with us…


Applying the ubtan on the face and body of the bride to give her an unbeatable glow onher wedding day is a cherished custom in most Indian families.The brightening touch of besan, haldi and lime, and the smoothness and fragrance of sandalwood, milk, or malai form the treasured mix that covers the skin. The ubtan brings in a glowing complexion, working wonderfully as a cleansing agent by removing grime and dirt.

Ayurveda celebrates this citrus bounty as an effective way of giving a glowing complexion. Lemon juice mixed with warm coconut oil makes for great scalp nutrition, banning itchiness. During the ancient years, all the women of the royal household bathed in water laced with citrus oils for gentle cleansing and purification, with a fresh
fragrance that lingered on the skin all day long

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