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Actor Isha Koppikar believes it a blessing to be able to raise her child in a joint family

A single child thrives in the love and warmth that a joint family brings along

Call her supermom. Actor Isha Koppikar has just joined a political party, is wrapping up a film shoot in Chennai, running her hospitality company, all while enjoying playing mommykins to her chatty, four-and-a-half year old princess, Rianna. The glamorous star (of Company, Kaante, Don…fame) seems to have taken to parenting like a fish to water and is loving every bit of motherhood.

Excerpts from a conversation

Actor Isha Koppikar considers it a great boon, to be able to raise her single child in a joint family, with so much love around

“Nothing prepares you for motherhood. It is the most beautiful, energising phase of my life. You know, I was supposed to return to Mumbai (from Chennai) a couple of days back but unfortunately the errant rain threw the shoot schedule out of gear. Rianna understood, while I explained to her on Facetime. I was all choked up and howled after ending my chat,” confesses Isha with a smile, perfectly comfortable with the barrage of emotions her role as “Mamma” has brought along. Excerpts from a conversation:

So what does Rianna mean?

Rianna is the name of the Queen of Horses, and our little one was born in the year of the horse. Call it a coincidence (laughs). In reality, my husband Timmy and I had come up with the name Arianna (after the Disney princess) but then everyone in the family is named with an “R”. My husband Timmy’s name is Rohit; then there is my sister in law Ramona, brother-in-law Rahul… My mother came up with the solution and zeroed in on Rianna as R for Rohit and I for Isha melded into this one along with a name starting with R. So that’s how Rianna got her name. All’s well that ends well!

What is a usual day like for you?

I get up at 6:30 am every day, irrespective of what time I have slept. I am with Rianna till she leaves for school by 8:15 am. If I have slept late, then I go to sleep again for a couple of hours. Else I get cracking on my schedule for the day.

You are a working mom. What do you count as a big blessing?

That I live in a joint family. Rianna, being a single child, has enough company in her cousins. It is a full house at home with my in-laws, my sister-in-law’s kids…Rianna is busy while I am at work. That resolves my stress and guilt about being away from her.

Does she attend any classes?

Aplenty! Spanish, ballet, taekwondo…we chat a lot. Luckily, Rianna is an expressive child and converses a lot about how her day went, what she ate and did. She is an extrovert like Timmy and me. Her dad is a complete people’s person.

Shilpi Madan for Indian Express

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