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Actor Ishitta Arun believes in a slower pace of life for her kids

Perspectives change when you become a parent, believes Ishitta, as she has chosen a slower pace of life now

Passionate stage actor Ishitta Arun(founder of Ikigai and Co), proficient dancer, fun veejay, lyricist and quirky furniture designer, brings with her much more than just a clutch of skills in her quiver. Add to that, playing a lovable mommy, and Ishitta is raring to go. Even after having wowed audiences in over a hundred live stage shows as a host and folk dancer, across the world. She’s currently between designing the latest outpost of the restaurant Mia Cucina in Bandra along with conceptualising and producing Gaa Re Maa, a music-based comedy that features as part of the 40th year celebrations of the iconic Prithvi Theatre in Mumbai. Ishitta consistently makes time to play parent, with her musician husband Dhruv Ghanekar, to their adorable girls Amaala and Alaaya.

Excerpts from a conversation:

Actor Ishitta Arun believes perspectives change when you become a parent. She has chosen a slower pace of life with her kids now
You’ve changed.

Yes, I have. Motherhood has, sort of, anchored me. I tend to introspect on my own behaviour. A mother of two kids, I feel I am the primary influence for my girls. I feel more responsible.

Of course, you yell once in a while….

Of course! And it is good to do that (laughs). But honestly, the best thing that I did was to have kids. I believe motherhood pushes you to be a better person. I have made friends with my kids, and in the process reflected on my own values and thoughts. It has been a big learning curve for me and I am extremely grateful for my daughters. I must have done something right to deserve them.

How old are the girls?

They are 15 months apart to be precise. So six and four years, respectively. I planned the age gap that way. Of course, some days are good, and others bad, when I wonder what I was thinking (laughs), but they are good girls.

Shilpi Madan for Indian Express

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