“Jewellery is intricately woven into our lives, our special moments, as an expression of our unique style and personality,” says Mumbai-based jewellery designer Falguni Zaveri Mehta, famed for her bespoke jadau renditions in textured gold, uncut diamonds and Basra pearls.

“As jadau jewellery is unique to India, the base techniques we master are Indian, but my primary focus is to re-orient the traditional into the modern,” she explains. It is her prowess in creating showstoppers by repurposing old jewellery into wearable art that makes her stand out from other jewellery designers. Like, for instance, an antique nose ring turns into an exquisite neckpiece that you can easily carry off with panache with a shirt. Her eclectic eye brings in whimsical, edgy pieces and chic convertibles that create an elegant, classic rhythm in your collection of usual baubles.

Designing precious gems seems to run in her DNA as Falguni not only comes from a jeweller family, but also married into one. This has given her deep insights into the mechanics of jewellery making too.

Shilpi Madan for New Indian Express

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