Singer Jashan on his latest inspiration

A chemical engineer by education and a classical musician by choice. Jashan Bhumkar is a bundle of energy on stage. A powerhouse of talent, his pure approach to classical music has helped him carve a special niche in the renditions of ghazals and other forms of music.

Celebrated as a versatile artist, Jashan finds ghazals to be a surreal combination of poetry and music. Yet, he peppers his renditions with other genres. He has sung the title track in jazz style, for the award-winning play ‘Don’t Worry Ho Jayega’. His commercial songs in both Hindi and Marathi have made waves. He was recently featured as a young talent in the world of classical music on AIR’s talk show ‘Yuva Tarang’.

Chemical engineering and classical music…

I feel I have been very lucky to be able to balance both the fields that I love so much. In public eye, I come to the forefront in my role as a singer. My music training has always gone together with my academics and education. While learning from my legendary gurus in a very traditional way, I completed bachelor’s and master’s in chemical engineering. I now run a specialty chemical manufacturing business, in which I am third generation entrepreneur.

You love ghazals…

They express deep emotions through a beautiful combination of words and melody. I love how the medium unfolds as if it is a narration or a story. I also find the themes in many ghazals very relatable to modern life and relationships

Ghazals hold a special place in my heart because it was my guru Kishori Amonkar’s last wish from me. Just before she passed away, she told me to study and sing this genre, and that it would teach me a lot about music as well as life.

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