Kaftans: Comfy slip-ons to haute couture

Luxury kaftans are the swishing into wardrobes in designer cuts, as a classic inclusion

From a loose slip-on, to a shape-defining modish silhouette, the kaftan has recalibrated into swish formats.  A far cry from its 14th-century Ottoman version, these are available now in micro-minis, Oriental cuts with embellishments and in eye-popping colours.  In its form-forgiving avatar, it is a championed garment.

In its curve accentuating darts, it composes resort wear with a swish. The voluminous kaftan has gained prominence, especially in the wake of the pandemic when flattering and functional fashion has emerged as the loud anthem. Stylish swish  Fashion designer Pria Kataaria Puri, who designs luxury kaftans, began designing kaftans 12 years ago and has had 10-15 in each collection showcased to date.   “What works is its sheer versatility. You can dress kaftans up and dress them down, keeping with the occasion. It is a perfect fit for a range of sizes — XS to XXXL.

Luxury kaftans are the swishing into wardrobes in designer cuts, as a classic inclusion

While a pair of jeans, sari blouses and dresses might refuse to accommodate one’s changed body size, a kaftan with its easy contours becomes a go-to garment during the lockdowns,” she says.  Roomy and fuss-free, kaftans are low maintenance and available in prints and solid colours, ikat and bandhani formats, and glam and holiday get-ups.  “It is easy to wear and carry while

Shilpi Madan for Deccan Herald

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