Kajal A. Kitchlu Opens Up About All Things Pregnancy And Motherhood

Actress Kajal A Kitchlu preps for the most exciting role of her life as Baby Kitchlu arrives next month. Here's a peep

“I am turning into an insomniac, often waking up at 2 am or 3:30 am, and reaching for my phone out of sheer habit, thumbing through the messages on the mommy WhatsApp groups. Then inevitably I stumble upon something that I need to put on my to-do list and get cracking on the following day. Like ordering that special detergent for washing nappies,” laughs actress Kajal A Kitchlu, glowing and looking gorgeous. 

I am still petrified of dogs, except my pet Mia,” she says of the lil pup she introduced as her first baby on Insta earlier.

“I do yoga, regular walks, and pilates to keep my fitness levels up as I wing closer to my delivery date,” she smiles. The first trimester was tough on Kajal with nausea setting in with a vengeance. “I was feeling faint and was also on the drip to prop up my energy levels. I just couldn’t stand broccoli, tomatoes, and even curry leaves! The sheer sight made me want to throw up. That was so bizarre. Thankfully, everything normalized soon enough. But I have this inexplicable crazing for junk food now. From pizza and burgers, I want it all. I never touched fizzy drinks earlier but now I desperately want to glug sodas. The changes are just so baffling,” she laughs. “But I make sure I stay hydrated. 

With the summer heat setting in, I have lost count of the trips I make to the loo. I am told that my eating pattern now will establish the food moods of my child. I want the baby to grow up on healthy green juices, not colas!” 

Actress Kajal A Kitchlu preps for the most exciting role of her life as Baby Kitchlu arrives next month. Here's a peep

What has been her biggest learning so far? “That a nanny (jhapa maid) is a must and more important than a marriage,” she laughs. “But seriously, I have tremendous respect for all the mothers out there. I have learnt to be more patient, as I was short-tempered earlier. Though I love my dad, I am emotionally welded to my mom. She is the superglue of the family and has always been so selfless, putting our dreams and priorities before hers, and loving us selflessly. We made mistakes, but always came back to love, not judgements. I have learnt the true meaning of unconditional love, and hope to imbibe the same value system in my child,” shares Kajal. She counts her biggest blessing in the warm circle of love that flows in from family, friends, and her countless fans. “My sister and sister-in-law are my pillars of support,” she confesses. 

Baby Kitchlu arrives next month and Kajal is in full prep mode, attending Isha Thaimai sessions as part of the holistic program by Sadhguru for pregnant women, catching up on mommy movies and documentaries on Netflix, and listening to the mint-new in-house mommies: her sister Nisha, and sister-in-law Gauri, both of whom have recently delivered bonny babies. “I have a super support system in our families, and couldn’t be more grateful for all the love that is flowing in from all quarters,” she smiles, the excitement shining in her eyes.

Shilpi Madan for Sunday Standard

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