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TV show host Kamal Sidhu believes kids are constantly watching us and learning

TV show host Kamal Sidhu believes in savouring the joys of being a hands-on mom.

This woman is an ideal example of sexy, stunning cool. TV show host Kamal Sidhu, is a successful compere, model, actor too. She feels blessed with a superlative career spanning over 35 years, a wonderful son, a fabulous husband and of course, unbeatable cheekbones. A popular face as a presenter, Kamal recently rocked the TRPs as host on ‘Vogue BFFs’, having VJ-ed for MTV and hosted countless travel shows across the world earlier. We take a peep into her role as a mom.

Here are excerpts from the conversation:

TV show host Kamal Sidhu believes in savouring the joys of being a hands-on mom. Having become a mom at 39, she says, "You can't do what you did in your 20s. Get real. You have to reorient life when you are in your 40s."
Niall (pronounced ‘Nile’) is enjoying football. Your “proud mum” posts on social media are a beautiful tracker.

(laughs) Yes. He is nine, and getting better at the game day by day. It is fun and plenty of work, driving him to practise sessions, matches…Both my husband Nico (Goghavala) and I have been athletes and understand the rhythm Niall is developing through football.

It does get hectic at times, doesn’t it, with you being a TV show host and him with a hectic schedule too?

Of course! But he likes it. So, the motivation comes from within him. We keep telling Niall that the choice is his. He is part of the school team and a football club. The schedules are often demanding with long practice hours, successive matches…Niall has a lot on his plate. Nico and I explain to him that he knows his body best. He has to use his own judgment and decide how to fit things he likes to do in his day. We let him plan his day and see how he wants to fit in studies and sports.

He’s cool with studies?

Oh yes. He is a good kid and gets good grades. Now and then, he needs a little motivation for homework but then, which kid doesn’t?

How old were you when you had Niall?

I was 39. The pregnancy was silky smooth from the get go. I owe it to doing swimming and yoga until the day I went into labour. And, of course, my obstetrician and husband. Contractions aside, it was literally two breaths and there was Niall.

One truth of life you have discovered after having your own kid?

That kids always listen and soak up stuff. They have two ears and two eyes and you think they are not listening but they are. So as parents we are on ball all the time. Any incongruency between what I say and what I do, Niall is swift on the uptake and points out promptly.

Shilpi Madan for Indian Express

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