Room to Bloom

Mompreneur Anika Sadrangani pours love into baby rooms through her year-old wallpaper brand Dolce Bambino.

Darting hot air balloons, adorable giraffes, mini planes and more—a whimsical world comes alive in the textured wall papers that compose the vibe in your tiny tot’s nursery. “When I was expecting my child, I struggled to find half decent options while doing up the nursery. Being an amateur artist and a creative entrepreneur, I took up the challenge to fill in the market gap in India for the much sought-after European aesthetic in wallpapers,” smiles Dolce Bambino founder and creative director Anika Sadrangani who creates customised wallpapers and murals for your child’s room.

Clearly, the year-old Dolce Bambino, that has been nourished by the Oxford graduate, former investment banker, and now mum, has set its sights on conquering the relatively untrod territory of nursery aesthetics in the Indian market.

Making rooms bloom is mompreneur Anika Sadrangani's forte, through her wallpaper brand, Dolce Bambino

The softness runs through the dreamy fairy tale palette in the wallpapers inspired by Scandinavian sensibilities. “Nordic design gives me freedom to create some drama and still maintain the class of the end aesthetic while also keeping it timeless, something one would never get bored of seeing even if they see it a 1,000 times over,” she says.

“We are a magical, sustainable brand that uses eco-friendly and non-toxic products that are baby safe too. We only use papers that are completely sustainable, biodegradable, fire-retardant and PVC-free. Our inks are non-toxic and odourless and follow the highest standards of safety required by the wallpaper industry, with the papers exuding a plush fabric, and a canvas like finish to the touch,” adds Anika.

With her own daughter turning two soon, her passion for her work makes it a completely immersive experience for Anika as she is completely involved from start to finish with new product design, client customisations and custom made orders too. Production takes place in Mumbai. 

An ace in the wallpaper bouquet is ‘Oh the Places You’ll Go’ with the animals found in different parts of the world forming a beautiful spread on the walls. “The World Map is one of our hottest-selling and most sought-after designs by far. I believe it is primarily because of our unique style of representing the map. Our aesthetic insists on making it educational by strategically choosing our illustration and animals that will help evoke a sense of recall and fasten the learning process in little ones. 

Shilpi Madan for Sunday Standard

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