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Luke Coutinho comes clean on life

India’s most popular, ardently followed, god-tiered holistic healing expert Luke Coutinho has been practising integrative lifestyle medicine for a decade, touching the lives of lakhs in the health ambit, across the globe.

India’s most popular, ardently followed, god-tiered holistic healing expert Luke Coutinho has been practising integrative lifestyle medicine for a decade, touching the lives of lakhs in the health ambit, across the globe.

India’s most popular, ardently followed, god-tiered holistic healing expert Luke Coutinho has been practising integrative lifestyle medicine for a decade, touching the lives of lakhs in the health ambit, across the globe. His razor-sharp counselling, sharp ability to bring health distress under control – from cancer to diabetes to insomnia to anxiety – and commitment to your recovery through the You Care Wellness Program is setting lifestyle plans and nutrition protocols for people to lead a better, healthier life. For all his expertise and experience, and uncanny ability to glean and treat problem areas, he isn’t apologetic about his striking tattoos, casual dressing and honesty while he is at it, treating celebrities, head honchos and others alike

Excerpts from a conversation:

What’s your current state of mind?

Where do you love to spend time?
In nature. I find waterbodies very calming. I like spending time by the sea, and the ease with which I can move from sand to water and from water to sand. I love the way the water disappears into the sand

What do you dislike the most about your appearance?
I wish my wrists could be a little thicker. It’s just that my arms are quite
muscular and my wrists are comparatively thin. But I can live with that.

What is your greatest regret?

None. No regrets. Even when I reacted the way I did in previous relationships I
was in. That was the person I was then. I always sleep fitfully at night

What is your greatest extravagance?
Travel. For me, comfort is very important. I spend on luxurious travel,
comfortable hotels that bring in good avenues for rest and relaxation through saunas, and nature. I like quality in comfort, food and stay. It fulfils me

Which one word describes you the best?
Primal. My primal drivers are to provide and to protect. I noticed this pattern in all my previous relationships. I have great respect for strong, independent women, but I don’t feel attracted to them as I have no role to play as a protector and provider. When I see the need for care and protection, I am territorial. But I can switch off as easily, when the person is well taken care of.

Do you have an inflated ego?
Yes and no. Not inflated, but ego, yes. It rises to the fore when certain people come and argue mindlessly over baseless information they have been fed on, through social media. I am in this space for the knowledge, experience and expertise I have accrued over the years.

What’s the one thing you wish you could change about yourself?
Honestly, I have a complicated heart. Earlier, when we would lose a patient to terminal illness, I would take the emotional upheaval home, and that would deplete me emotionally. But not so much now. I do everything I possibly can, whatever is in my control.

What is the most overrated virtue?
Honesty. Most people don’t know the meaning of honesty, or can’t handle it. People aren’t honest in relationships

What is your favourite journey?

I’m living it right now. Using my holistic gift to provide for others. But I never dreamt of this journey. I have gone with the flow, sharing my knowledge, helping others and my practice has grown through recommendations

What puts you off in people?
Lack of punctuality. There has to be respect for time. Also, fake behaviour and false imagery – are such a turn-off

What’s your biggest limitation?
I have trouble picking up languages. I can read, write, understand but can’t
speak in any other language except English. I can’t speak Hindi, French, Arabic – languages that I have been exposed to for a while.

A weakness you give into
Desserts. Doesn’t happen often, but there is nothing like a great cup of coffee and a tiramisu or good chocolate cake to make me feel calm and relaxed. I eat
everything, exercising portion control. For the record, I don’t like ragi cakes

A confession
I often fake a client call and leave, when I want to. This is about me, who I give my time to, where I give my time. Also, I won’t do something if it doesn’t make me feel comfortable, like attending color code parties. If the dress code makes sense, fine. I don’t wear ties, and if the code specifies one, I won’t go. I am happier at home. But when protocol demands, for instance at the Prime Minister’s office, I am happy to observe it

When do you choose to lie?
Depends on the situation. I could lie to patients who have lost all hope, it is necessary. We have the right and freedom to give people hope. Some might be heading towards organ failure, but I look into his or her eyes and say ‘You can do it’

Who is your favourite hero?
There are many. I draw the power of visualising and strength from Ronaldo, aggression and primal instinct from Mike Tyson, an understanding of love and emotions from Whitney Houston… I take a little out of all unique people, then I figure what I want to put in myself

One quality a man or a woman should have?
The ability to accept oneself the way you are. Be yourself. The best
relationships are built when you attract someone because of who you are.
People are unhappy as they try to be someone else, selling an image.

Who is the greatest love of your life?
The only unconditional love I have is for my daughter. I would do anything for her, but isn’t that what love should be? I don’t feel the same way about my wife, or my parents. The degree of intensity of love varies in different relationships. I feel a partner can complement you, yet you have the responsibility to complete yourself. You have to love yourself

What is your most marked characteristic?
I can accept fools for who they are, but I can’t stand them. I have zero patience for small talk, and gossip. This is where common sense comes in. Yes, I have jumped into beautiful ideas and believed in people without thinking, earlier. That’s why I have hired a proficient team to guide me.

What is your idea of perfect happiness?
Understanding. When I feel understood I feel happy. People who understand
me, make me happy. Acceptance is a large part of understanding

What do you feel embarrassed about?
I feel embarrassed by loudness – when I am with people who speak too loudly while conversing with me. Everyone stares, making me feel odd. Also, often people on a flight come up to me to ask questions or take pictures, holding up a queue. I don’t like inconveniencing others

What attracts you?
Honesty. I wish I could be completely honest, but people can’t handle it.
Honesty is the most craved emotion in relationships.
I am intellectually attracted to people, who are on the same wavelength. I am very attracted to the brain that can hold me

Do you have an answer for everything?
Sometimes there are no answers. You find answers while you live life

Do you believe in apologising?
Absolutely. Everyone makes mistakes

What’s that best piece of advice you’ve got?
My dad always said, the more you give, the more you get. It became part of my value system, sharing information with others

What calls you now?
Nairobi. The thought of spending time in the wilderness excites me. I feel I am going home, even though I have never been to Africa. I am meeting the head of the Masai tribe, he practises medicine.

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