Magenta Magic

Stylish and elegant, the rubyesque Magenta brings in fun, cheerful pops into your spaces this year. Make way for the vivid rush

Stylish and elegant, the rubyesque Magenta brings in fun, cheerful pops into your spaces this year. Make way for the vivid rush

It is luxurious, and laces spaces with a sense of exuberance, Viva Magenta is officially the Pantone Colour of the Year 2023. Here are ways in which you can toast the hue in your homes


Says architect Sumit Dhawan, “Magenta is a dynamic color that infuses vitality and enthusiasm into any setting. Bring in accent pieces such as throw pillows or rugs to liven up the spaces. A feature wall or an artwork makes for a striking focal point.” The versatility of the color makes it an exciting inclusion in every part of your home, from the bathroom to the bedroom to the kitchen. Adds architect Suraj Mittal, “Bringing in upholstery or curtains in shades of magenta help in creating a warm, inviting ambiance. When you combine it with jewelled tones in emerald green or sapphire blue, you create an opulent complexion in the space. For a more subdued quotient in home décor, balance magenta with neutral shades like white or gray to make the color stand out as a single showstopper. Experiment with diverse textures and patterns for added intrigue. Alternatively, you can dot the area with magenta through tiny accessories like vases or picture frames for a more understated effect.”


Allow a thread of magenta to run through your homes in hints and accents. Says Sumit, “In the bathroom, adding magenta touches like towels or a shower curtain can create a bold and lively feel. For the study area, using magenta in a statement piece like a rug or accent wall exudes a mood of creativity and energy. In the dining room, magenta can play into table settings or distinctive centerpieces for a sophisticated and unforgettable visual delight.” Floral motifs, wallpapers, a feature ceiling, wall mirror trims are quieter ways to bring in the drama and joy of the hue into your homes.

If you prefer pastels, use magenta as to punctuate spaces in a subtle yet impactful way. “Soap dispensers or candles in the colour in the bathroom set a mood of sheer luxe. To infuse a dining room with a touch of sophistication and vibrancy, you can bring in table linen or chairs upholstered in the color. This adds an element of visual interest and bring a fresh perspective to the space,” says Suraj.


While viva magenta can easily be integrated into all kinds of décor – from vintage to the most minimalist ones, clever positioning makes the overall effect look cohesive. Says Sumit, “Achieving balance is the most crucial aspect while utilizing magenta in design projects. This intense and vivid hue can easily overwhelm a space if not applied judiciously. It is crucial to integrate magenta in a manner that enhances the overall aesthetic while also harmonizing with other colors and elements within the same area.”

Use the hue to your advantage in a refreshing, unique way to elevate your spaces

Shilpi Madan for DH Wknd

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