Magic of Melange

he shaped a space that used to be a wine cellar into a fashion house way back in the 90s at South Mumbai’s tony Altamount Road. When Melange was born, few comprehended the actual connotation of the phrase, fashion sensibilities. Cut to 2019. The store has evolved into an undeniable beacon in the world of fashion, telescoping trends and redefining aesthetics in a quiet, classy manner. Much like its founder.

“Right from the beginning, I knew what I was offering was unique as something like this had not been explored in the industry till then,” recalls Sangita. “I had the conviction to do something I strongly believed in and was confident that it would appeal to the people. Of course, it feels incredible that it has been received and accepted with such amazing generosity by everyone in Mumbai as well as buyers from the international community as they visit year after year.

Shilpi Madan for New Indian Express

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