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Mango melody

The delectable green tang and golden trickle of the king of fruits woos your tastebuds in noveau forms this season.

Move aside mango smoothies and iced teas. The mango has arrived grandly, in its juicy, golden splendour and rakish tangy avatar with a rather prized bang. Lacing drinks and divaesque dishes in dizzying proportions for that lipcurling touch. Inspiring menus, showstopper preparations and delectable desserts to colour the juicy melee. Stay calm and eat aam is the anthem Chef Manu Chandra has devised at all his outlets of his pan-Indian Oriental eatery The Fatty Bao. “Like Go Mango Merry gives the Bloody Mary a hip makeover with the tangy kairi elbowing aside the tomatoes. Rush in vodka, peppers, jalapeno and tamarind for that extra zing. As Tangotini, the martini gets dressed up in mango and kaffir lime, with a dash of cointreau and bitters,” he shares.

Just like the Avengers, the mango has its own cult following. Defiantly delicious, the king of fruits has spawned a virtual dervish across restaurants in the country. Slushy and sweet, the mango allures. And its tangy fill makes your heart simply sing, as it unfurls across your palate in a lingering after taste.

And for those desirous of the icy gola slurp, wings in the Kairi Nimbu ka Chaat in a ritzy thirst-buster avatar. Nothing beats the allure of the king of fruits as it makes your heart simply sing aloud. So take your pick and rejoice this summer as the mango infusion puts the spring in your step.

Shilpi Madan for Asian Age

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