Mango quenchers

Nothing succeeds like the golden splendor of mango quenchers. Enjoy a lipsmacking course through cool pours this summer. Make way for the mango quenchers…

Nothing succeeds like the golden splendor of mango quenchers. Enjoy a lipsmacking course through cool pours this summer. Make way for the mango quenchers...

Move aside mango payassums and bellinis. The king of fruits is here in all its golden splendor and is running a lipsmacking course through magical coolers this summer. Make way for the mango quenchers…

While smoking foods using mango wood has always brought in
fine aromatic accents, and sunshine bowls with fresh mango salads have
balanced out the feta crumble, the mango has always been championed as the saviour in the sizzle of the Indian summer.

Says Jovita Mascarenhas, co founder of a premium cocktail mixer company, “The mango brings in memories of my mother when she used to prepare delicious drinks using the fruit. We have brought in a unique touch to the classic mango cocktails synonymous with family gatherings. Chillies with mango and a hint of cilantro, bring with it a brightness and pop, and a savory profile to balance out the sweetness of the luscious fruit this season.”

While aam panna has been a generational favourite celebrating the tangy kick of the green mango with a burst of minty freshness, there are ways in which you can spruce up the traditional thirstbuster. “Raw mango has more cooling effect along with mint leaves, rock salt and lemon juice. A combination of pineapple with raw mango, mint, lemon juice, jaljeera and rock salt expands the flavour canvas tremendously,” says dietitian Deepalekha Bhattacharjee. “Another superb thirst quencher is a preparation of mango smoothies using chia seeds, ginger juice along with the fresh, ripe mango. You can also add strawberries, mint and ginger to the raw mango sip for a sweetish-salty cooling effect.” We are quick to add chilled water and ice chunks into the mixie, but these come bereft of the mineral mix. “Use drinking water from an earthen pitcher for making the aam panna or for thinning out the smoothies,” says Deepalekha.

“This brings in the natural minerals needed by our body. The taste and smell of mineral content of the water from the surahi adds to the cool and fresh quotient of the drink.” Adding mangoes to the fermented tepache, with pineapple and brown sugar also brings a special zing to the palate

Eat fresh, eat seasonal. Bringing the mango into your daily consumption is a must as the fruit is rich in vitamin C, that betters immunity and lowers
inflammation. “It is high in carotene, effectively managing a vitamin A
deficiency, and maintains good eye health. Mangoes are replete in anti-oxidants, magnesium and digestive enzymes essential for optimal digestive processes, “says nutritionist and lifestyle educator Karishma Chawla.

“Since mangoes are high in sugar, balance is the key to consuming mangoes right. The best time to consume mangoes would be in the first half of the day, preferably as a mid-morning filler, when the BMR (basal metabolic rate) is high. This ensures the calories are not getting stored as fat in the body.  Avoid consuming mangoes with another meal.”


Recipes to liven up your intake:



1 cup coconut or almond milk
Juice and zest of one lemon
Quarter-sized knob of ginger
Handful of fresh cilantro leaves

½ banana
½ cup mango chunks

Optional: 1 scoop vanilla protein powder (plant-based or whey isolate

depending on the gut health)

Toppings of choice: pumpkin seeds, granola, fresh fruits, hemp seeds, chia

seeds, and goji berries


In a high-speed blender, combine coconut or almond milk, juice and zest of lemon, ginger, and cilantro. Blend on high for one minute, or until the greens are completely liquefied. Add banana and mango and blend again until mixture becomes thick and creamy, like sorbet. If using protein powder, add last and blend until just combined – blending whey protein for too long causes it to become ‘fluffy’, so blend only until the powder disappears. Scoop the smoothie into a wide, shallow bowl. Add toppings of choice and enjoy

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