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How Masaba Gupta dropped the weight

Dropping weight in her own fun, fearless, fabulous way

Fashion designer Masaba’s edgy designs have seen desi and pardesi celebs slipping into her ensembles, both on and off the red carpet and silver screen. At 24, she was the youngest creative designer at Satya Paul, and her work has never been limited to clothes, collaborating with ITC Fiama Di Wills for bath products, Chetan Bhagat for a line of accessories for a novel, and now with Titan Raga for a timepiece collection.

But her latest achievement is her weight loss. “It has taken me a year to reach my present ‘status’ on the weighing scale. Can you beat it, I had piled on 10 kilos after I got married (to film producer Madhu Mantena) two years ago!” she says, gesticulating dramatically.

Taking stock

“That garlic cheese dip from Domino’s is a killer. You know, I was simply on an over-indulgent spree during our courtship, marriage, and in the delirious days that followed. We were wining and dining, catching up with friends and family over lavish lunches and dinners; then there was a multitude of Chinese takeaways… It had to show up somewhere. Well, it did, on the weighing scale,” says Masaba.

Shilpi Madan for The Hindu

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