Gentlemen Prefer Aplomb

Designer Masaba Gupta’s flamboyant new Masaba Man slams all stereotypical notions about menswear. And there’s a new jewellery line too!

Bold, unpredictable and straightforward, with great regard for tradition and culture, yet at the very same time, not trying to offend anyone,” says fashion designer and entrepreneur Masaba, as we slip into a conversation regarding her new designs for her menswear range, Masaba Man. Describing the ethos of her latest collection, her words are actually evocative of her own persona and intrinsic style. Unapologetic
and confident.

Indeed, this Indo-Caribbean creative spitfire has been busier than the proverbial bee, dipping her fingers into multiple pies—from coming up with the second season of Masaba Masaba on the OTT platform (for which she has just finished shooting), to launching a line for men that slams stereotypical notions about menswear, and now, also unveiling Masaba Jewels. All at comfortable price points, and all infused with her trademark eclectic sensibilities and flair for fashioning wild colours with finesse.

Masaba Woman, Masaba Man is carefree and doesn’t care about the opinions of others. He is someone who believes in himself,” shares the queen of quirk. Accordingly, the straightforward silhouettes replete with bold florals, bright colours, and big motifs redefine menswear in India in a startling fusion of traditional sensibilities with modern needs. Much like Masaba’s own signature style.

A spiffy mix of sherwanis that celebrate Kashida embroidery in resplendent colours set the mood for celebrations. And then there are brooding blacks splattered with gold (like gilded birds) in neat cut jackets and sharp bandhgalas. Call it luxury draped in relaxation, with the fluid textures of moving raw silk and natural crêpes that flatter all forms and form the perfect foil for different personalities.

Shilpi Madan for Sunday Standard

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