Mindfulness always pays off rich dividends in navigating you out of any crisis. ‘Too blessed to be stressed’ is the positive anthem that everyone tells you to cultivate — but how do you go about nurturing your own sanity when working women are expected to pitch in 2x while #WFH and managing the domestic front, and home-makers have to deal with the overwhelming situation of having to manage home chores with everyone at home 24×7? Here are ways in which you can deal with the anxiety that tends to creep in at different levels.

Route the routine 

Says psychotherapist Alaokika Bharwani, “Women are the fulcrum of most families and need to make time for self-compassion and expression. The present situation tends to bring in its own set of challenges, making us either cope with them or rendering us dysfunctional in ways we do not desire. Focusing on self-care is very important as unless we nourish our own selves, we cannot do much.”

Shilpi Madan for Deccan Herald

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