Monsoon home decor

Prep your monsoon home decor using cool colours and waterproofing as the rains roll in

Prep your monsoon home decor using cool colours and waterproofing as the rains roll in

Prep your spaces with cool colours and waterproofing as the rains roll in

If monsoon brings to your mind a musty-fusty home smelling of wet clothes and buzzing with houseflies, take heart. Here are super tips to rock the rains by prepping your home décor to meet with the pitter patter:


“Bursts of colours in fabrics elevate your spirits and inject a sense of energy into your living spaces. Bring in vibrant cushion covers, runners, bed sheets, and throws. Celebrate pops of colors in orange, pink, or sunny yellow, to create a bright, airy feel while counteracting the grey weather outside,” says architect Anurag Pashine, “An effective way is to bring in the colours of nature. Deep green shades or green-textured walls, wooden furniture, lounge chairs, and artifacts can extend the essence of the rainy season into your spaces. This nature-inspired colour scheme evokes a serene, refreshing atmosphere. Indoor plants into balconies allow you to enjoy the lush greenery, amidst the monsoon charm.”


“Instead of focussing solely on walls and furniture, consider adding a surprise element through a coloured ceiling,” says architect Robin Sisodiya. “Paint it in a vibrant shade or use removable ceiling decals in bold patterns. This unexpected pop of color will draw the eye upward and create a visually stimulating, unique element in your space. In addition to wall hues and decor, lighting plays a crucial role in infusing colour into your home. Choose colorful fixtures such as lampshades, chandeliers, and wall-mounted sconces for springing an element of cheer into the décor.”


Relocate the greens from your balcony to another location where the drip off the ledge and roof will not reach. This prevents the splattering of mud and keeps the delicate leafed plants healthy and safe. Likewise, if there are any exposed wires, fix them urgently. The extra moisture in the air brings with it the possibility of short circuit breakouts. Get waterproofing done in parts of the home as required before the heavy downpour sets in


Invest in a good dryer to spin out bone-dry clothing when the monsoon sets in. Else your home will be laced with the smell of drenched clothes all the time. Defer frequent washing of leavy loads of clothes till intermittent sunny days. Choose to get a few items drycleaned and desist from throwing many clothes into the wash in a single go.


Quick tips to get you going:

Reupholster a part of your furniture in a bright shade

Sheer curtains let in natural light and are easy to dry and maintain

Use room fresheners freely to ban the dullness and soggy smell

Line ledges with a mix of lime juice and clove to keep flies away

A fresh doormat at the entrance and chimes set the happy tone

Fresh flowers and aromatic candles light up the evenings with amber lamps

Keep a stand ready by the main door to accommodate wet umbrellas and shoes

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