Monsoon Make Up

Save the day for yourself with clever cues for monsoon make up

Save the day for yourself with clever cues for monsoon make up

The last thing you want is runny eye liner and a raccoon-ish dark
circles when the rain splashes down to ruin your make up. Celebrity
make up artist and hair stylist Arti Nayar deftly dresses up celebrity
faces (her clients include Katrina Kaif, Aalia Bhatt, Disha Patani,
Shraddha Kapoor….) for the camera and shares a few tips to hold you
in good stead during the monsoon when the errant heat and constant
humidity try and poke fun at your carefully applied make up.


If you favour cream-based products – that make your skin look softer
and add to the glow – then make sure you use these sparingly when it
rains. Guard against the meltdown in the humidity by blending the
cream base products well. “Set it with a powder product to hold the
application in place even when the weather plays truant,” says Arti.
“This gives a matte, velvety finish to your skin, creating an ‘airbrush’
effect’. You can try mixing in a bit of powder into your liquid

A little clever application makes all the difference. “Dusting on
setting powder betters the longevity of your make up look. Make use
of a good setting powder, and apply with a big brush to evenly
distribute a little amount of powder all over your face and neck. This
will effectively seal in the makeup and give your skin an even,
flawless look,” she says


Nothing succeeds like a bright colour on your lips. It instantly revs up
the day, especially when everything appears dull and dreary during
the monsoon. “Pop lips are trending this season,” says Arti. It is a
good idea to use a water-based moisturiser to prevent a sweat build up
on your upper lip. Also remember, gloss and cream lip colours streak

Whatever your pick, wear your own style and saunter through the
monsoon with pizzazz


Super tips to look fabulous when it pours

Stay clean: Wash your hands and cleanse your face. Sweat and
humidity breed germs

Keep make up minimal, light and breathable

Ensure your make up brushes and sponges are clean and dry

Waterproof and water-resistant products last longer

Invest in a setting spray to hold the make up in place

Choose matte finish products over cream

Shilpi Madan for DH Wknd

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