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“It’s tough to connect with her for a quick chat. After all, between being the executive editor of the Indian edition of the world’s most iconic music magazine, a music critic, singer and performer, Nirmika Singh has very little time for anything else. And she is just back from the first ever edition of Sweden’s Midsommar Weekender, an international festival that featured some of the world’s pathbreaking artistes.

Nirmika Singh is a curious mix: a singer, performer, music critic and editor of Rolling Stone in India. She shares the making of her passion for music here

Nirmika is fortunate. Of course, she admits it with signature candour. “I make a living doing what I love most: listening to good music, writing about artistes, attending concerts and observing culture, in general. What more could I possibly want?” she says. “In my capacity, I am able to focus on independent artistes in India and identify trends. The best part about my job as an editor is that it allows me to be in the thick of things when it comes to my passion,” she explains.

It was a gutsy move for Nirmika to relocate from her hometown (Delhi) to Mumbai. With a job at a leading daily as a music critic, Nirmika struggled to find her foothold initially in the city, while moonlighting as a music artiste. Slowly, things fell into place. And the band ‘Nirmika & The Few Good Men’ came about. Of course, it has been an organic growth over the years for her as she has been composing lyrics since she was in her teens. “Writing allows me to be an observer, thinker, analyst and a journalist, while singing brings out the performer in me…

Shilpi Madan for Deccan Herald

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