Nothing succeeds in snapping your work force out of urban, corporate reverie than a quick getaway with colleagues in the lap of nature. Throw in a different matrix of activities and challenges into this different environment and you have a zestful, learning process without the drudgery of an office climate. Outdoor experiential programmes are picking up momentum with participants working their ‘takeaway’ from these configured games and challenges into their demeanour in office.

Meeta Jamkhedkar, the creative heart of Tvameva Business Solutions (TBS), believes in configuring the activity menu as per the profile of the target group and the driving objectives. “Solving a mystery is a brilliant format that is extremely challenging and enlightening for all,” she says. “It covers the realm of kinesthetic learning. We create the scene of crime in an open, calm area, and a series of clues that demand a great deal of physical climbing, running around, weighing and measuring… to detect the sequence of events. This creates intellectual stimulation, facilitates working in unison with others, demand professionalism and rolls in fun and recognition as well, with prizes and videos on stage to crown the winners.”

Shilpi Madan for DNA

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