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Cue in for pearls of wisdom! Find out if our celebs are having it any easier during the pandemic

Pull back and run a quick check: As we thicken the days running into quarantine, flounder with household chores, gain more respect for domestic help, we pick up new skills involuntarily. Sure, it is a pandemic and not a time for a productivity challenge since you have compelling issues to address every day on the homefront, here are a few gems culled in by others to get you to draw your takeaways…

Vicky Ratnani, celebrity chef

First takeaway. Celebrated chef Vicky Ratnani tells us how much he has missed cooking simple food, before the pandemic happened

I don’t remember the last time I made something as simple as rassa aloo or even bhindi. Since I am usually travelling, doing food shows, workshops, cooking sessions across the country and abroad, I end up spending little time in my own kitchen. Used to cooking restaurant style fancy food, I have honed the art of cooking with what is available at home, as I have been cooking simple, day to day food which is healthy and nutritious, fresh and flavourful without lavish ingredients.

Amrita Raichand, food show host

Second takeaway. Celebrated chef Vicky Ratnani tells us how much he has missed cooking simple food, before the pandemic happened

My most important takeaway has been that I am playing a key role in taking on the duties of house cleaning and cooking. I am more involved in teaching my son. Also, I have had to learn the technicalities of shooting my videos to upload them on my social media handles and work out the mechanics of doing live sessions on multiple interfaces…without the help of my team. It has been a brilliant experience in a way, with generous inputs from my son and husband in sharing tips on angles, frames.

Sachin Khurana, actor, show host

The past few days have taught me to be able to sit in one place and read, and re-read a book. It needs a large amount of discipline, just like meditation. I often pick up books but never get around to making time for reading them. Now I have even been revising the books that I have read, making mental notes and even brushing up my rather frugal skills in cooking. I can cook rather well now.

Pria Kataaria Puri, fashion designer

I have been in quarantine in my home for a month now in Kuwait. I have learnt acupressure and how to meditate. I looked up videos and researched techniques, that I did not have any time to do earlier with my craz…

Shilpi Madan for Deccan Herald

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