Pull back and run a quick check: As we thicken the days running into quarantine, flounder with household chores, gain more respect for domestic help, we pick up new skills involuntarily. Sure, it is a pandemic and not a time for a productivity challenge since you have compelling issues to address every day on the homefront, here are a few gems culled in by others…

Vicky Ratnani, celebrity chef

I don’t remember the last time I made something as simple as rassa aloo or even bhindi. Since I am usually travelling, doing food shows, workshops, cooking sessions across the country and abroad, I end up spending little time in my own kitchen. Used to cooking restaurant style fancy food, I have honed the art of cooking with what is available at home, as I have been cooking simple, day to day food which is healthy and nutritious, fresh and flavourful without lavish ingredients.

Amrita Raichand, food show host

I am playing a key role in taking on the duties of house cleaning and cooking. I am more involved in teaching my son

Shilpi Madan for Deccan Herald

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