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A Passion for Fashion

Fashion designer Payal Jain on crossing her silvery milestone in the fashion business

It has been 25 trailblazing years for celebrated fashion designer Payal Jain, perfecting her strokes on the ramp, creating corporate designs, dabbling in home furnishings as well as architectural spaces—and yet she is searing on, powered by her passion to simply, create.“I absolutely love everything about my profession. I was born to the arts (her mother is a musician and father, a design engineer). Art and aesthetics run in my blood and continue to take different forms and expressions, blending, evolving—be it music, dance, painting, sculpture, ceramics, poetry, cinematography, textile or fashion,” she says, running her fingers through her pixie mop, smiling beatifically.

There is an aura of magnetic calm about her, a remarkable degree of humility considering that she is one of the most highly sought-after designers in the country.“My label is an extension of my personality. I work with Indian textiles and crafts and have always been passionate about creating fabrics from scratch,” says Jain. An artist herself, with her evocative paintings, she conforms to the school which believes that fashion is an art form.

Shilpi Madan for New Indian Express

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