Celebrate the peach tone

The soft peach tone arrives softly as the Pantone Colour of the Year
2024 into your homes and hearths

From flower bowls to carnations, the velvety and gentle Peach Fuzz is set to colour up your spaces with its elegant touch this year. Make way for gentle splendour in more ways than one…


Bunk the beige. Bring in the softness of peach on the walls. You can nurture your spaces with a tender touch by wallpapering with tiny florals in hints of white. Gentle and delicate, the run of peach around the rooms offers a soothing experience, and the accommodating neutral canvas to decorate the area. Arrange terrariums with tiny peachy blooms on the shelves on the walls for the peachy accents.


Peach pouts perfectly with both the warm and cool palettes. Brighten and
lighten up spaces, allow the natural light to fall on the powdery orangish-pink as a pastel pirouette in your home. You can bring in pops of peach through cushion covers, carnations, vases, photoframes, runners and tissue boxes. For a festive spin or for get-togethers, team up with gold or silver candles for a luxury feel


Winter brings in the cosy warmth of rugs. Set the tone with a handwoven, tufted rug in your study or the living area, bring in the mood with a quirky supersized tile in the kitchen; mount a handpainted tile in peach on the wall as an artwork, and slip your feet into peachy flip flops to create the mood of freshness and quiet elegance


Make way for peach towels in the bathrooms. A soft peachy cake of soap, a
sprig of peach in the aroma dispenser, or even a shower curtain works the magic together with bath salts and candles to complete the frame. A potted plant in a peach container on the window sill spells a rush of quiet plush.
Celebrate the peachy tones as you wish, through table covers, a single armchair, pictures on the softboard in your study, or stationery at your desk. Remember a single accent piece draws more attention than an overdose.

Shilpi Madan for DH Wknd

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