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A Franco-Indian rhapsody

Splendid Indian textures married with French flair and finesse make for a glamorous union in designer duo Shane and Falguni Peacock’s latest bridal collection, Amour de Junagarh.

The couple—Shane and Falguni Peacock—symbolises striking glamour in everything that hops off their drawing board—from runway collections to red carpet appearances of celebrities on the national and international circuit, to their glitzy publication, The Peacock Magazine. Now comes their latest labour of love, Amour de Junagarh, a breathtaking blend of French flair with Indian grandeur, contoured to perfection as a stunning mix of bridal lehengas and crop tops.

It’s quite a stylish coup. A sensuously crafted, traditional collection, evocative of the rich tapestry of the opulent palace of Junagarh—the quiet, classic jewel in Rajasthan’s crown of historical tapestry—combined with classic, Parisian chic. What prompted this polarised mix?  “Junagarh Fort is famed for its architectural splendour and opulence, and in our collection, we have brought together a celebration of two distinct design aesthetics, inspired by stunning locales that stay simply timeless,” shares Falguni

Shane and Falguni Peacock have made extensive use of the chrome applique technique to breathe splendour into each rendition. The knitting of this method to the production process brings in an element of uniqueness to each creation. Appliqué being a technique in which fabric patches are layered on a foundation fabric, then stitched in place with the raw edges turned under or covered with decorative embellishment.

“We have used a chrome-coloured fabric for this technique on pastel lehengas,” says Shane. “We tried to replicate the structural marvel that is the palace of Junagarh, and the living elements from the wilderness on the fabrics,” he adds. “Of course, the challenge was to get uniform motifs and a perfect finish, which comes after years of hand-creating applique work.”

Shilpi Madan for New Indian Express

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