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Pilates power: VJ-singer Sophie Choudry

For actor, singer, entrepreneur and former VJ Sophie Choudry, fitness is simply a way of life

Sophie Choudry makes a svelte cut in her exercise gear as she swings into the Pilates studio in London for her daily fix, before her hectic schedule of shows and shoots unravels for the day. Then of course, there’s her business to manage: last year she launched her own line of detox teas.

Born and brought up in London, Choudry was surprised at the “voluptuous” tag she was labelled with in India. “I was made to feel overweight when I moved from London to Mumbai. My body has always been on the curvier side, but when people meet me and say I have lost so much weight, how do I explain to them that it is only a few kilos at the most? They make me feel like I was huge, which I never was. I think of myself as fitter now rather than skinnier,” she shares with a broad smile.


As a teen though, things were different. But it took very little to bring fitness into her life, because her mother was a fan. “She would fall asleep in Jane Fonda exercise positions because she would never complete her day without a workout. So even in London, my mum, nani and I would go to the gym together. Also, when you grow up abroad, your school encourages participation in sports. As a result, I was netball and Rounders League captain for years,” she says.

Shilpi Madan for The Hindu

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