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The Power in Your Pocket

Goulian Finch takes the Western pocket square and gives it an Eastern twist with Banarasi weaves.

The vibrance of the colours is simply mesmerising. From riveting peacock blue to cheerful haldi yellows to soothing mehendi greens—the Goulian Finch pocket square palette celebrates traditional Indian colours with contemporary chutzpah. Call it the power in your pocket.

Add to this molten silk, the movement of Indian motifs and the magic of flaunting a headliner. Move aside Hermes and ilk, rooted in the looms of Varanasi, pocket square major Goulian Finch is spinning out virtual heirlooms, creating ripples in a domain that has been dominated by the West. 

Pretty power. Goulian Finch takes the Western pocket square and gives it an Eastern twist with Banarasi weaves

A purely decorative accessory that once belonged to the old school, the pocket square has now become a sartorial signature for men. It is a kind of fashion flourish that is often used to telegraph a man’s attitude and individuality in every situation. That is exactly what Goulian Finch is all about—pushing the boundaries of the very definition of ‘classic’ itself by creating timeless pieces that revel in their uniqueness and individuality. The power of their intrinsic Indianness.

Beautifully crafted and fully handwoven in mulberry silk and embellished with pure gold zari, each piece is then hand-curled in a way that results in plumped edges. These features give it a uniqueness which lends every pocket square to take on myriad shapes and does not sag in the pocket. What brought about the genesis of the brand was the combined quest of co-founders Gunjan Aggarwal and Bejoy Suri.

“My husband loves accessories that are conversation starters, and I had simply run out of options to gift him something unique,” shares Gunjan with a laugh. The idea germinated further when business partner Bejoy reasoned, “With formal dressing for men taking a natty spin today, why can’t we have beautiful pocket squares that are ethnic and rich, just like our traditional saris?”

Inspired by the sights and sounds of Varanasi, the duo came up with a multitude of motifs, from the boats that skim the waters of the Ganga past the ghats to the fascinating lotus that blooms in glory. The poetic fluidity and the symphony of exquisite weaves was an instant hit.

The first collection was lapped up greedily online last year by voracious buyers, yearning for a game changer in this niche accessory circuit. Of course, it helps that each Goulian Finch pocket square is so versatile that it blends just as beautifully with the detailed darts of a bandhgala as it does with the sharp tailoring of a tuxedo. However, challenges abound. “It is simply impossible to recreate the exact same shade every time,” rues Gunjan. “Our weavers still choose to hand measure the quantum, hence no two mixes turn out exactly the same.”

Shilpi Madan for Sunday Standard

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