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Celebrate your pooch the swish way with trinkets, salons and specials. Are you keeping up with the pet sweepstakes?

Celebrate your pooch the swish way with trinkets, salons and specials. Are you keeping up with the pet sweepstakes?

So, my neighbour’s pet dog is on a hemp diet.

So, the 2023 MET Gala at New York City on May 1st celebrated the opening of the Costume Institute exhibition, “Karl Lagerfeld: A Line of Beauty” – with everyone’s eyes peeled for the sight of Karl’s beloved cat, Choupette – who chose to chill at her plush home, having inherited a tidy fortune of $ 13 million from daddy dearest on his demise. Actor Alia Bhatt who debuted at MET this year, was touted to appear with her pet cat Edward too. But the furry opted to relax far away from the arclights.

So, my 18-year-old daughter just personalised her cat’s chair, rug, and bathing tub with a streak of handpainted Jerry lookalikes.

It is the best time to be a feline or a woofie. Pets are being primped up diva style, whether the cameras are rolling or not. Welcome animal blingdom. If personalised monogrammed bowls and collars weren’t enough, pups and kittens are now having it great with trinkets. Jewellery designer Prernaa Makhariaa has pet parents lining up for her adorable pendants and bracelets available at select pet stores. Choose from custom made cuties in brass, silver and gold for your pawsome friends. “We added charms in both the bespoke and pret ranges to make the pieces wearable as a pendant, bracelet or watch or just as an accessory, complete with repolishing services added to the purchase. The pret range is made in stainless steel, bringing in the use of brass as well to make the jewellery cost-effective,” she explains. In these Instagrammable times you can twin with your pet as well. What’s more, each piece is stamped with a unique customer code for specific customer records. Pet salons sprung up galore during the pandemic. Now bubble up your pooch in a tub with pet mobile salon services at your doorstep. Washed and blow dried by expert pet lover hands inside an AC van, complete with paw massage and hair spray, nail buffing and polished pearlies.

And as if the furries weren’t being pampered enough, they are on the payroll now, all while they have some fun. Don’t believe me? Goa’s smashing restaurant Pisco by the Beach is now the first restaurant in the country to introduce a little labrador who plays the official greeter and affection therapist for guests who chill out by the Arabian Sea over sundowners. “We don’t have any objections if our patrons don’t have any objections,” says co- owner Sameer Seth (of The Bombay Canteen, O Pedro, Bombay Sweet Shop fame) as he throws open the doors to his latest pet-friendly café, Veronica’s, with the walls carrying sketches of cats (synonymous with Bandra bylanes) all over.

Call it a beautiful life. Going on the Gram, if the pet pages on social media are any indicator of pet parents head over heels in love with their furries. Are you winning the pet sweepstakes?

Shilpi Madan for Deccan Herald

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