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Usher in positivity

Homebound and feeling low? Rejig the energy at home to bring in the chi

Sometimes you need a rejig to get that positive energy flowing again through your home. Bring in the chi through these budget-friendly ways to get your creativity ticking and mind moving for that needed dose of positivity.

Bring in positivity by rejigging the energy at home in case you are feeling low and hemmed in

Replace, renew Moving covers from one area to another within the house can change the complexion. Says interior designer Minnie Bhatt, of Minnie Bhatt Design, “You can recycle or replace cushion covers to change both the colour and the mood of a space. Choose from a palette of vibrant shades to soft, mellow tones. Optionally, you could add new trimmings to your cushions to give them a fresh look.” Bring in eye-catching tassels, a showstopper cushion cover or a rug or a throw in a nouveau colour like limpid blue, teal or marigold in keeping with the vibe of the space.  Bring in accessories Your home is a reflection of your own persona. Make the accessories speak volumes of your likes. Says Pranjal Agrawal, of Hérmosa Design Studio…

“Flowers always make a space look bright and alive. Adding coordinated flower pots against a contrasting wall creates a startling composition. A vintage mirror or artwork can cinch the look of the room together in a cost-effective manner.” Bring out aromatic candles from amongst your Diwali gifts or polish up that unusual light fixture for a spot of drama.

Rearrange with élan

You can reorient the furniture in your living room, in your bedroom and study for a new look. Says Minnie, “Place your potted plants in different corners of the house to change the energy of the rooms. Add family photo frames on consoles or sideboards or make a collage of family pictures and put them up on a wall to bring warmth to the space. Hand paint a small peg table to spice up its look, gift a new edging or border to existing curtains or Roman blinds, or even add a table or floor lamp in the bedroom or family space to change its vibe.”

Evolve dimensions 

High ceilings work beautifully in enhancing the positive vibes in your space. Open up the windows to bring in natural light, make use of mirrors.

Shilpi Madan for Deccan Herald

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