Power for mornings

It’s the most important meal of the day; make sure you don’t miss it.

“Breakfast — the name itself is specific; it means to ‘break the fast’,” says fitness expert Leena Mogre. “Your first meal after dinner the night before. It is your first meal of the day that must not be missed.” Think about it. You often make do with just a mug of tea or coffee, maybe with an occasional biscuit, and by lunch your stomach is virtually growling. This is the when you just can’t resist a quick fix snack, an unhealthy choice that adds to unwanted calories in your daily intake.

Refuel the body

“Your morning intake is the most important meal of the day, and with good reason. Breakfast is important to refuel your body after a night’s sleep. The eight or more hour gap between dinner and breakfast is the longest span between any of three meals of the day,” explains nutritionist Naini Setalavd.

“While you are sleeping, the body needs fuel to keep your heart beating, nerves transmitting, and cells dividing, just to name a few. Much of that fuel comes from the readily available stores of glucose in the blood, liver and muscles. By sunrise, the body is essentially in a fasting mode. That first meal of the day literally breaks the fast. That’s why breakfast is so important, especially if you exercise in the morning. If you skip breakfast, blood sugar levels drop, and fatigue, poor concentration, irritability and lethargy are the results.”

You cannot lose weight by missing meals. You can actually eat breakfast regularly in keeping with even the rest of your average five, nutritionally sound small meals of the day and still maintain a healthy weight.

Shilpi Madan for The Hindu
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