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From sparkling diamond-dressed I-watches to emerald-enthused earrings, Prerna Rajpal’s chic jewels are all about everyday luxury

She started making jewellery first for her personal use, then professionally. Yet for designer Prerna Rajpal, it is still the sheer intimacy of it all that attracts her to the designing process. Each of her eclectic, sparkling creations from her brand, Amaris (Sanskrit for eternal), narrates a story through clusters of stunning geometrics and florals in gleaming diamonds, rubies, emeralds and other precious stones.

From knotted diamond bracelets in rose gold to emeralds the size of a baby’s fist studded on a choker, to sapphire cufflinks, butterfly studs, charm bracelets, heart pendants and hydrangea earrings—the latest collection from Amaris abounds in summer romance. “As I shaped my ‘Sparkle Into Spring’ collection, the focus was on creating playful designs filled with bright colours that transform our daily looks and give the maximum bang for your buck,” she says. 

Sparkling diamond dressed i-watches, chandelier emerald ear rings, cocktail rings and rose tinted diamonds form jewellery designer Prerna Rajpal's gem grove

The central theme is everyday luxury, as the past one year has taught everyone to live each moment, and cherish even the simplest experiences in life. “Wearing a tiny luxe piece brightens up every single moment in your daily routine. It could be a diamond band or a stackable bracelet, something you slip on effortlessly to exude panache,” she explains.

While Rajpal has brought in mood-elevators in startling tanzanite and morganite, there are organic clasps in wrist pieces and rings in diamonds, celebrating the versatility of the priceless picks across her heritage-inspired creations and casual-chic wear. “The diamond waterfall earrings are my favourite as they rev up your appearance instantly through their classic glamour and movement. A curation of 26-carat diamonds, handpicked and set to simply stun,” she adds. 

With over 30 percent of sales from online jewellery connoisseurs, Rajpal is now shaping a pret collection of gems priced under Rs 1 lakh, that will be retailed digitally and through strategic store tie-ups. “Integrating jewellery with other luxury items that we make use of daily, like bags, watches and phones, is my pursuit now, going by the resounding success of Amaris 2.0 last year—

Shilpi Madan for Sunday Standard

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