For the love of prints & patterns

Prints and patterns bring in a touch of fun to your wardrobe this season. Gear up!

Have fun dressing up in prints and patterns this season. From florals to polkas and stripes, the more variety the merrier!

It is time to spin out that element of interest by cleverly combining style makers in prints and patterns to rev up your appearance. Push aside the boring cuts and bring in a touch of dynamism into your appearance with these busy stints..

Go subtle

Of course, it is confusing to decide which aspect should dominate your appearance. But remember, there can only be one showstopper. Says fashion designer Arpita Mehta, “Whether it is florals or stripes, I believe the subtle print should dominate, while the bold print or pattern should appear as an accent.” “The print always dominates if put together in a correct form, whereas pops of bright colours as accents are what make your overall look interesting,” explains fashion designer Swapna Anumolu. In the plentitude of designs emerging from different printing techniques, it is important for you to decide whether the pattern or print rules your look. Says Pankhuri Jain, fashion designer, “Usually the pattern dictates the body of an outfit as prints are usually used in repetition, mostly as an applique, to enhance the overall look.”

Colour up

Confused about the colour code? Cue in. “Contrasting colours look fabulous in bold prints as they break the visual monotony. For the festive season, a tone on tone print makes the cut,” says Arpita and adds, “Colour inversion works only when there is a definite colour palette. But do not go beyond the use of three colours if you opt for colour inversion to avoid visual confusion.”

Shilpi Madan for Sunday Herald

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