You are at home with the two most valuable currencies in your hand— love and time. Make the most of these to bring in self-love, care for your family, and enjoy the inner healing this sudden forced pause brings with it for each one of us. Discover new ways to develop a different rhythm to your day…

Make a call 

Reach out and connect with your friends. Of course, you would rather catch up for coffee with your friends or meet up for drinks in the evening. Do that virtually. Yet, there are those special friends whom you always thought you would make time for and yet did not get around to doing so. Pick up the phone and call.

Teach a skill 

The burst of online courses and workshops promising to hone up your proficiency in everything — ranging from photoshop skills, to breathing right, to making munchies might make you feel that you are an average Joe even in your area of expertise. Fret not. Share what you know with others. Groom and train your pet.

Shilpi Madan for Deccan Herald

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