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Raghavendra Rathore: India’s foremost luxurymaker

Fashion designer Raghavdendra Rathore on the changing face of the luxury consumer in India

Fashion designer Raghavdendra Rathore on the changing face of the luxury consumer in India

Fashion designer Raghavendra Rathore has created his iconic ode to the bandhgala and breeches, over the past 25 years, toasting the intrigues of the regal palaces of Jodhpur through his immaculate cuts. His signature celebrity status, royal gene pool and glamour-laced narrative in the world of fashion makes his label Raghavendra Rathore Jodhpur synonymous with the complex, cosmopolitan couture world for men.

 Excerpts from a conversation:

Define luxury

The unimaginative lightness of being in an experience, exclusive and one of its kind

An experience that defines luxury for you

An evening with family and friends at the step-well in Narlai, near Jodhpur, with the sounds of silence, warm lighting and the simplicity of the humble life where time is gold

How has the definition of luxury changed for the consumers vis a vis 2023?

Luxury is here to stay and with each passing year the appetite seems to be increasing. However, in the design landscape, we find luxury can sometimes tip towards being relative often, while for some less is more and for others more is less. Those in the business of providing luxury must find the perfect mix for their customer base and demographic

With the emergence of slow luxury post pandemic, what direction is the market now taking in India?

An intuitive, AI (artificial intelligence) driven mindset will rule the conditions driving brand owners and talented designers to create new roadmaps for their businesses, making the distance between product and consumer extremely short

As a luxury maker in India, what is the biggest challenge that you face in shaping experiences?

To stand out in the present plethora of noise as a bespoke brand, driven by a purest approach, fully sustainable architecture, and a good business sense for slow fashion

 One change you would like to see in the luxuryscape in the country

A fully digital luxury industry respecting democratic growth for young talent through a sustainable vision

What piece of advice can you share with us for aspiring luxury makers?

Understand the nuances of technology, imbibe those values into your product creation and brand building

Shilpi Madan for PeakLife