That Rain Mane

Tame frizzy hair easily. Your rain mane needs the right tender loving care to look fabulous and glossy.

Tame frizzy hair easily. Your rain mane needs the right tender loving care to look fabulous and glossy.

Struggling with limp locks still? Or wincing at the sight of hair clusters cruising on the wet bathroom floor after your hair wash? Take heart. The rain does wreak havoc on your skin and hair, leaving both sticky and greasy. But don’t let the downpour dampen your spirit. Cue into the great hair guide:

Do what it takes to avoid getting your hair wet in the rain. Says Dr. Pallavi Sule, dermatologist and aesthetic physician, “If it does get wet, wash it thoroughly. Covering the scalp during the monsoon helps in safeguarding your strands as the rain water is dirty and polluted brings fungal infections to the scalp.” Avoid fretting over the frequency of your hair wash during the season.

Hair brushes carry vicious teeth that tangle and torture your locks.
Especially the round hair brushes packed with bristles. Unless you
want to shriek in pain at strand breakage, bring in the humble wide
toothed comb to run through your hair length. A wooden comb works

Accept that your hair will turn a bit frizzy and frumpish during the
monsoon. Stay away as much as possible from tongs, irons, and
hairdryers as the heat makes the hair frizzy. Also, you will then need
to use serums, stay in conditioners and gels to calm down and protect
the strands. This will make your mane look limp, dry, and sorry.

“High humidity might cause dandruff issues on your scalp. It is
important that you keep your scalp squeaky clean and dry all the time.
A good scalp cleanser is a must in your monsoon vanity caddy. Use it
to wash hair at least twice a week,” says Dr Pallavi.

Wearing hair oil overnight is a bad idea as you will feel cold in the
head. Warm oil gently massaged onto the scalp needs only 30 minutes
to work in its goodness. “Oil your hair 15-20 minutes before
shampooing, as the hair become dry and frizzy during monsoon,”
suggests Dr Pallavi. “Use warm coconut oil, olive oil or almond oil to
prevent hair fall through excessive dryness of scalp. Avoid viscous
oils, like castor, as it is difficult to ease them out during the wash.
Repeated scrubbing will damage your hair more.”

Invest in a hair spa session, to nourish your locks back to good health.
Once a fortnight or in 30 days is a good approach during the rains.
“Weekly hair masks are a superb way to pamper your locks,” says Dr
Pallavi. “Make use of home-made packs, or hair masks and gels
available in the market.”


(by Dr Pallavi Sule)

Apply aloe vera gel either fresh from the plant/ or in a readymade

Hibiscus gel mask works wonder for hair loss

Almond oil, a vitamin E capsule, or olive oil application makes your
hair shiny

Egg white is an excellent conditioner

Mint hair mask is a superb tonic for oily hair. Apply for 15 mins then

Make use of curd with lemon to fob off dandruff

Coconut milk and olive oil are excellent for frizzy hair. Wash off
thoroughly to avoid fungal infection

Banana and honey mask applied for 20 mins is a nutrient rich
application for your hair

Shilpi Madan for DH Wknd

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