Bear Grylls show: Ranveer delivers a blockbuster

Actor Ranveer Singh nails it in his debut OTT outing on the Bear Grylls show.

The novelty of Bear Grylls’ famous show has been dwindling for us adventure enthusiasts since the British adventurer and television host took to cinema street. But it took a wild, weird and wacky turn with the latest episode with Bollywood star Ranveer Singh.

Sure, we knew our man — Ranveer — was going to emerge triumphant at the end of an hour-plus edit. But the momentum sets in only through kickass moves, hilarious commentary and soliloquies by Ranveer. His infectious energy is a big plus. Ranveer is known for his outlandish clothes, eye popping shoes and blinding trinkets most of the time. There was none, this time around, as he had to conform to the demands of the primitive jungle. But his flamboyant personality (wiggling brows and wicked smile) and ‘desi tadka’ in spontaneity work wonders. The swept-up ponytail looked grunge, cool with khaki gear on his physique, as did the facial fuzz.

The Bollywoodesque quest set the mood. Ranveer Singh played to the gallery with the ‘happy wife, happy life’ dialogue, gushing as always about her beauty. The show threw us a gauntlet with interactive options at different points. Like whether he should take a grapple gun or a flare; pretend to be dead when the grizzly black bear lopes in, or simply bolt; or choose to eat maggots over boar testicles. There is a reactionary involvement that locks us in — in the cringe moment when Ranveer chomps unwillingly on the testicles or when he pretends to stop breathing as the mean bear sniffs around him.

Shilpi Madan for Deccan Herald

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