Over 14 brand endorsements; 200,000 followers on his YouTube channel; 306 k followers on Instagram: Chef Ranveer Brar has emerged as the coolest Indian Chef on the block, netting in global recognition and popularity through his innumerable travel shows as he uncovers the uncharted gourmet turf, writes cookbooks, wins awards, shapes menus in des and pardes apart from setting up restaurants, and more. Beat that.

You need to be passive-aggressive to be a successful chef. You need to have the aggression that no one can see,” shares Ranveer as we settle down to chat over cups of hot green tea. He has shed weight, and wears an air of calm, having just returned

from a challenging trek in the Himalayas where he shot for a food show. “The terrain challenges you,” he confesses. “But it has been the most beautiful, humbling experience of my entire life. Do you know people up there in the mountains survive on a modest intake of chai, butter, sattu… It is delicious, basic and just so fulfilling. Food needs to be simple and nourishing but sometimes, as chefs, we tend to overcomplicate things and this essence gets lost in the process,” he says honestly,

having brought back barley jau to experiment with in the kitchen. “I study the ingredients I work with, understand why cultures used it the way they did, before coming up with my own renditions.”

Shilpi Madan for Deccan Herald

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