A red to reckon with

The feminine force has ruled our ancient texts and narratives, reverbating in the creative contemporary expressions of artistes, more so over the past decade. In the wake of the recently concluded Durgo Pujo, the simple handwoven cotton sari — laal paar – from Bengal, a land where the Goddess is everything, becomes the essence of womanhood. It is the pivotal confluence of emotions and energies in the making of Laal Paar — a show that is a stunning creative collaboration between Baro Market and Wolf Jaipur.

A red to reckon with: recent exhibition fused together the emotions and energies of the feminine universe in its selection of artworks made of upcycled waste.

The blazing sisterhood story cups itself in the 19 artworks that have been created over a span of a year and a half. You needn’t sift, sieve, and seize. The sheer strength and power of the feminine universe runs like a background score, through the dynamic forms in snakes (speaks of regeneration and renewal), flowers, the moon, and hypnotic spirals. Says Ritu Singh, owner and founder, Wolf Jaipur, “We are in the midst of a feminine awakening and this is our tuning into that. The air is full of it, and it is such a fantastic time to be questioning norms, expressing our own perspectives on it. The colour red is symbolic of the life force, the feminine. Red, black and white are the colours consciously chosen for their connection with women’s menstrual cycles and also as the colours in Tantra — the original abstract — a big inspiration for this show. Pantone has introduced a shade called Period, and of course, artists around the world are tapping into the same source, making red the base …

Shilpi Madan for Sunday Herald

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