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‘Biologically a mother of one, but the underprivileged I teach are mine too’

“No book or lecture or guidance can prepare you to be a mom. You learn on the job, hands-on!” said activist and mom Rouble Nagi.

An artist and social worker by passion, Rouble Nagi believes in taking constructive action while shaping and redefining the lives of lakhs of children living in shanties, all across India. Her name is synonymous with Misaal Mumbai, a project that has been in rich progress over the years and has brought about the beautification and cleaning up in and around the slums in the city, in addition to educating the dwellers. It has been a challenging, tough journey, getting into low-income neighbourhoods to repair and waterproof roofs and paint slums with the help of local volunteers.

Here is a woman on a mission to educate and fortify underprivileged children. All while she raises her son Vivaan, with husband Sahil. Excerpts from a conversation with Express Parenting:

How on earth do you manage home and work?

Vivaan is eight now and an intelligent, sensitive and sensible child. He understands that I help many children who are not as blessed as he is. I distribute my time systematically across the 24 hours. Sometimes I do work more and sleep less.

Share your routine?

Vivaan is an early riser. We are up at 6 am. I chat with him and am ready to leave by 6:45 am to have breakfast with the children at the ‘balewadi’. I teach there regularly too. I sincerely believe that we can change the lives of children through art.

When do you spend time with Vivaan?

It is an unbeatable bond that we share. Once he returns from school, he is busy with his Kumon classes and swimming. I return home by 6 pm. Then we enjoy ourselves playing carom (where I have to lose!), go for walks on the beach, play cricket…he loves action.

Shilpi Madan for Indian Express

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